Reksio znalazł DOM

23 maja 2018

Reksio is a happy dog here with us. First day in Siołkowice was totally easy as he was just fine with us, always wanted to be stroked. At the travel home to Germany he was really valiant sitting on my lap for at least 4h.

Arrived there it was a bit difficult with Pico (our other dog) at first sight, because Reksio had something like a sexual drive and wanted to jump up on Pico, so we had him on the line to control this. Maybe it was bit stressful for him – the new sorrounding, different people and another dog. After a while we decided to let Pico clear this up himself with Reksio, as Pico is in general very neutral and understated with foreign dogs and absolutely not aggressive or something. So he kind of teached Reksio how to be have along with him, so he showed him he not likes beging jumped on by rejecting this behaviour… it worked fine… and now they are a perfect team.

Reksio loves to be outside, lying in the grass and of course defenfing the area barking together with Pico. He never seemed sad or frustrated, instead always very open minded.

On monday we were at a lake. Reksi didn’t wanted to swim, but he went into the water as far as he had connection to the ground… I think it was fun for him. Maybe he once „learns” to swim (I believe he already knows it yet, but was a little too sceptical).

See the photos attached…

Thank you so much for this wonderful little guy. He’s the perfect dog for us!

Best regards and greetings to the old lady and her daughter who owned him before.


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